Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Bee Wars...!!!

I took this one at Savar. I saw them quarreling inside a glass made sweet storage. Then... :)

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Pencil and Table relation...

These photos are taken while reading on a table. I saw a pencil having a nice relation with the table. You also can see the relation here.
Comment if you want to express your view.


Which one is the best you think ??

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

From A Train, Of The Train.

I took these Photos while going to Rajshahi.
I hope these three are nice, as I think.

That time I were going to Rajshahi....
Looked back of the train and had a capture.

The head side of that great train...
Not just train, but a platform for the nature too...

While going behind signal posts...
Smoke emitting from the train is a good point here besides rail road curve.

Leave your comment about the most beautiful one which I will print in high resolution to set on my room wall.

Mridha Saiful

Monday, 25 October 2010

Nice two among many of 2006 Photography

From my window, I was seeing the boys playing at the roof of a newly-made building.
Suddenly my mind smiles thinking about my new camera and just after a few minutes I tried few snaps.
The top two are these:

A boy trying to head the football & I catch that moment.

Their match was a real photography theme.
If I were a professional photographer !!!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

My first stage photo

My First stage photogaphy, started with a mobile phone.
Change came with a cannon digital camera.
changes are clear now, but the angles are same to the first stage photos...
Let's see.... :)

In Gazipur, year 2006. In a Ramadan time I took this photo, though this one is cropped, real photo is more interesting and a nice piece indeed. That one will be uploaded later anytime. :)

During my class at Dhaka University, Faculty of Business Studies, I took this photo as I was experienced of multimedia presentation based class system in my university starting life for the first time. I can not wait but took a snap with my siemens CX75.

In Jahangirnagar University Campus, any time in 2006.
I was a student of intermediate second year.

In an education fair @ Basundhara city, where in this stall all the assistants are sleeping, may be as a pretend, but really was a funny mood and by the way turned into a funny shoot.

At Savar, kurgaon, near to National Memorial area.
I did not see this nice piece during my long time Savar living, but just in 2006.

That's all for today,
as my first upload to this blog.
Hope I will continue such initiative.

Mridha Md. Saiful Islam
147-Zahurul Haque Hall
Dhaka University